Waxing Vs Sugaring

Our sugar paste is 100 % organic with no harmful chemicals

Sugar paste does not stick to live skin cells. zero chemicals or resins


Wax contain resins and preservatives. Resins adhere to live skin cells Causing unnecessary pain

Sugar is Water soluble-you will never ruin your equipment, bed, floors and clients clothes. Its easy to

Clean with just a wet towel.

Very difficult to clean up—chemical solvents are required along with tremendous effort

Will never burn skin as it is barely lukewarm making

It safe for all body areas. It is safe for spider veins and varicose veins, skin with eczema and psoriasis

Wax should be heated to higher temperature in order for it to work. It may burn skin when heated too hot.  Wax has been known for removing more than hair since it adheres to live skin

Bacteria does not breed or survive in sugarBacteria breeds in wax
Removes hair in direction of natural growth which means no breakage and less discomfort to the client

Can only be removed in opposite direction of natural hair growth. Causing a lot of breakage resulting in early  re- growth

Removes hair as short as 1/16th of an inch. No long

Wait in between appointments

Requires ¼” re-growth minimum
Will assist in diminishment of ingrown for clients who come to you with this problem

Waxing  can leave  about 15-30% breakage  under the skin causing  ingrown hair  problems

Skin is left feeling soft and clean, even before aftercare

Clients usually feel uncomfortable for a period of time

No spatula or cotton strips ever required again. Easy

to carry around for mobile spas

Need cotton strips and spatulas for most

After wax cleanser

Never hardens, even if left on skin for a long time

Treatment must be done with time

efficiency so as not to dry on skin