Our Approach


Tapira is the leading body sugaring hair removal company in the US. We are proud to offer top quality hair removal products for professional cosmetologists and aestheticians, using all-natural products. Our line of supreme, 100% organic  hair removal sugaring products  has been developed with emphasis on value and high standards  without sacrificing quality.   We are thrilled to say proper  training in the art of  sugaring hair removal technique is required and is offered by Tapira.

Our Values


We would like to thank you for your interest in Tapira, where we offer professional sugar wax hair removal methods for your  Spa/salon(s). Though body sugaring has been practiced for centuries, only recently has there been advancements in the technique to remove hair. Tapira  only  uses  organic ingredients in our sugar paste, and teach the hand technique to remove hair in it’s natural direction.

The name “Tapira” is from our native language in Zimbabwe, Shona, meaning sweet.

Tapira is the Natural, Sweet, Solution.(™)

Tapira uses only all natural ingredients and made with love that is as sweet as its origin – sugar.

Our Story


The beginning

I grew up in tropical Zimbabwe, Africa. My family ate all organic foods and fruit before it was trendy. I remember when I was a little girl watching my mom and grandmother drawing on nature’s bounty to provide both food and medicine for our family. My grandmother had her own organic recipe for making cough syrup from the leaves of different fruit trees from her garden when someone was ill.


Searching My style

When I was 18 I had a passion to travel and see the world so I began my career in skincare as head spa therapist for Celebrity Cruise lines.  After traveling around the world meeting with 100’s of experts in the area of skincare I landed in South Carolina where I founded the Body Sugaring and Wellness Spa in 2010.

New Generation

Armed with the invaluable skincare experience and knowledge from working with people from all corners of the world; I wanted to provide my clients with a world class spa experience using simple, organic, natural ingredients.

I have been using  sugaring technique for body hair removal before it was popular as an alternative to the waxing. (In fact, Cleopatra used the sugaring technique in ancient Egypt) I was never satisfied with the range of sugaring pastes on the market, so I created my own. Inspired by Grandmother’s concoctions made from her garden  using organic ingredients , I perfected my sugar paste, Tapira.  I want to share Tapira with the world which would make my granny proud!

Tapira Sugar Paste’s Unique Rich Dark Color

Our sugar paste is made from 100% unrefined organic certified sugar,  non GMOs. It is grown without the use of  pesticides and chemicals.  Organic sugar is usually darker than traditional white refined sugar because it contains molasses.

Mabel Butler

Mabel Machabvunga-Butler

…is a licensed Esthetician with 15 years of experience in the Skincare Industry. She holds an international certification in Esthetics ( ITEC) International Therapy Examination Council from United Kingdom. Currently, she is the owner of Body Sugaring and Wellness Spa, one of the forerunners of the sugaring technique in the southeast.  She is Certified Instructor – in sugar paste removal, along with number of other certifications in industry.  She has experience sugaring around the world, including London, California, Texas, Africa and across the southeast.