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Body Sugaring Professionals


Our goal is to train each individual to provide quality service to their clients. So they are knowledgeable and confident. Our classes will teach each individual in depth the benefits that come along with sugaring, hands on training, and how to weave sugaring into your existing business or new business.

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Our Classes

Does Tapira recognize certification from other companies?

YES! If you are switching to Tapira Professionals, we require your certification from the company you were trained from. With that you can begin to buy from us.

Is Tapira Professionals Insured?

Yes, all of our products are insured.

We Train You How To Sugar Like A Pro

Full Face

Upper Lip

Full Back

Half Back


Butt Cheeks

Deepest Brazilian

Under Arms

Full Arms

Half Arms


Full Stomach

Lower Stomach

Full Legs



We have done extensive research into the art of sugaring and know how expensive it can be to take time away from you spa or salon to travel to our classes here at our spa. For that purpose we are developing online classes for your personal convenience.


If you are a licensed Esthetician, Cosmetologist or in school studying to become a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist, you can take our training classes here with Tapira Professionals

Our Classes ( 2 Day hands on training)

Level 1 Advanced Training  8hrs 

$200 Basic training package, and a starter kit of $95 that includes 2 sugar paste, pre-cleanse toner, calming lotion, organic drying powder,A box of latex free gloves

In this class you will learn how to sugar legs, arms, brows, bikini and back

Level II Advanced  Training 8hrs

$145 Advanced class. In this class you will learn how to sugar Brazilians, partial Brazilians and face sugaring

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